Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Must Buys

So it's pretty much officially fall... sure it's technically not, but once NY Fashion Week is over I like to think it's time to bust out autumn stylings! So what's on my must has list this season??

Fall Must Haves

1. Winter White - wear a monotone all white look this winter for a super clean, chic look!
2. Over the Knee Boot - looks best with no or a stacked heel, a stiletto can look stripperella..
3. Knit Beanie - grunge is coming back, embrace it!
4. Cocoon Coat - an oversized, rounded shoulder coat is just the thing to bundle up in
5. Fashionable Sweatshirt - not something to lounge on the couch in, it's time to see and be seen in a sweatshirt
6. Boyfriend Jeans - Slouchy and distressed jeans are the thing for fall!
7. Sneakers - Probably not to pair with aforementioned sweatshirt and boyfriend jeans, contrast with tailored looks instead
8. Culottes - Oh yes, this will be big from now until at least next spring!
9. Hand Soiree - Stack those rings, best if on multiple knuckles
10. Midi Skirt - Not always the easiest length to pull off, but looks so chic!