Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mani Nail Rings

One of the fashionable girls at work approached me about mani rings yesterday... and I admit I was like "dafck you talking about??" She showed me this Daily Mail link and I was like, "oh I understands!"

Pretty cute right?? The problem was she couldn't find anything online! So I was tasked with seeking out this elusive creature. And success was had!
First I went to my new trend standby - ASOS. I found this triangle ring, but it doesn't look quite as secure as I would like. Well, if it does fall off, it was only $11.
I then found this long, blinged out ring at KarmaLoop for $38. A bit scary for my tastes, but certainly standout!!

Then I hit almost jackpot with this find at Sephora. Very high quality, looks secure and on sale for $11! I just wish there were more colors!
Lastly, I found these on Etsy for $19. There's acutally a decent number of options on Etsy, so go forth and search for "nail rings" and see what tickles your fancy!