Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Relationship Quantum Leaper

A few of my friends have noted that I seem to go from relationship to relationship without spending more than a month or two single. After all, it was barely more than a week after First Kiss and I broke up that Comic Con Guy and I met, and probably only a few weeks more before we decided to give long distance a go.

Luckily, all of my friends who have known me for 10+ years (two of my best friends are middle school and before!) have zero concerns. I suppose they've seen me be "Single V" enough that they aren't worried that I'm a relationship addict.

Of course time changes everyone, and perhaps now that I've had a taste of sweet, delicious long term relationship, I must have more? And well, the fact that I'm ready to settle down with someone certainly doesn't help.

But I don't believe it will drive me to stupidity. I know that I do end up dating again more quickly than most girls do and that maybe I should take more time to heal after a break up. But I also know that I do trust my instincts and go with my gut. And when I know a guy isn't right for me, I shut that down immediately. Because, yes, I told more than a few guys that we should only be friends before Comic Con Guy and I got all official relationship-y.

And I again have a very good feeling about this, something Comic Con Guy has echoed: "This doesn't feel like early relationship excitement. It feels like something so much deeper."

No, my instincts aren't always right, if they were I certainly wouldn't be divorced. But it's not like they're horribly wrong either, where I have a really good feeling about my pot smoking, guitar teaching ex or Mr. Maybe I'll Leave Her For You.

So, fingers crossed, perhaps I won't boff up my happily ever after with my actions!