Thursday, September 19, 2013

Two Romantics Walk Into a Relationship...

Comic-Con Guy's visit was awesome! We went to practically all the monuments in DC, some I had never been to before, and a super nice restaurant I hadn't even heard of called Corduroy I must recommend. We wandered in Georgetown and had brunch and mini pies. I even got pissy and upset at one point and he totally managed to get me to open up and make me feel better. Best of all, my favorite moments were us just sitting on the couch, watching geeky things and cuddling. It made the vision of us in a day to day relationship so much more real. The snuggles, oh how I miss them already!!

And he may have dropped the L-Bomb and I may not have freaked out over it! I should note, what he said exactly was "I think I love you," which is less panic-inducing. And I refrained from saying it back, even though I admit I love everything I know about him so far. But, having known each other for less than two months, this was a complete 180 from my last relationship, which moved at  glacier-like pace.

No getting around it, the last guy I dated, First Kiss, was a commitaphobe. I suppose it's to be expected when an independant person can't fully figure out what they want out of life... not only are they unsure of their future, they want to figure it out on their own first before they see themselves "settling down." And it worked for me at the time, as I needed to take things slowly before I moved forward. But naturally I'm a bit of a romantic.

And it's becoming apparent that Comic-Con Guy is as well. So what happens when two romantics ready for happily ever after start dating? Well, we haven't started picking out china patterns yet, but we are meeting in Vegas in November and I have felt the need to say "Let's not get drunk and get married." His response?

"You sure?"