Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Comic-Con Guy: A Profile

So it's been more than two months since I met Comic-Con Guy, mayhaps you want to know more about him? You already know we met at Comic-Con and are obviously both super geeky, but I'd hate for you to think he's one dimensional.

He's a chef! No, I haven't made him cook for me yet, we're long distance, remember? We've really only spent vacation time together and I'd feel bad making him cook. But perhaps the next time I visit him...

He reads my blog (hi, honey!) and read up on why First Kiss and I broke up a day or two after meeting me. And he's made it very clear that it wasn't an issue, which is nice to know upfront instead of wasting months and months..

He loves music and plays instruments! He plays the bass and guitar and is trying to learn the mandolin.

I once told him that the red panda was my patronus / sprit animal, and he's call me "panda" ever since - cute right?

He is also divorced. It's odd how that managed to take a lot of pressure off us. Sure, it's different for everyone, but we both just instantly understood what it felt like to see your partner of years and years walk out on your relationship.

Those are five fun facts about my new boyfriend, who is wonderful and makes me feel like I'm the most amazing thing to ever have happened to him! Things are going well, can you tell? :P