Monday, November 18, 2013

My Style Challenge: Goblin Metal

So it looks like I need to get my nice DSLR fixed, but I liked this outfit so much I had to share it anyway. Bring on the iPhone pics...

So I went to see a friend play while on tour with a goblin metal band, Nekrogoblikon. Yes, that's right, goblin metal. Think screaming about goblin stuff, hahaha. So what do I wear that looks rock and roll while remaining true to my style? A skull and some beat up jeans!

I'm wearing: Tee from a Vegas tattoo shop (no, I didn't get any ink, whew), boyfriend jeans and beanie from ASOS, DKNY leather jacket, Rag & Bone boots and a Wendy Brandes ring.
So how was the show?
Totally awesome!!!