Wednesday, October 22, 2014

First Time Watching The Hills: Part 1

Since moving to LA, I've gotten slightly obsessed with watching & reading anything based in the City of Angels. Good or bad, fiction and reality, I've been consuming it all. So I now find myself watching "The Hills" for the very time in my mid-thirties...

Season 1
Wow, this is what Heidi originally looked like, huh? I remember when she debuted herself after her crazy day of plastic surgeries - she looked so plastic! It's sad that she felt like she had to get anything done, she's actually pretty cute.

And annoying as hell. She seriously is just going to show up while Lauren is working and ask to be let in? Speaking of, it's really frustrating that these girls have all these amazing opportunities just because they're on TV. And Heidi's realization that she actually has to do work is equal parts hilarious and makes me want to punch her in the face. But it does seem like Whitney earned her place as an intern, so I like her. And I'm glad she got to go to Paris when Lauren made the stupidest decision ever.

Audrina, on the other hand, feels like generic hot body thrown in to add in a brunette to the mix. Is this the closest they get to diversity? Really? I get that Laguna Beach (which I haven't seen) was a super white neighborhood, but we're in LA now. Let's make some black, hispanic, and asian friends, k?

Season 2

Ah, here's the infamous Spencer, already living up to his skeevy reputation by trying to date both Heidi and Audrina at once. It's funny, I know exactly how this all turns out thanks to The Soup and various gossip blogs, yet it's fascinating to watch it drawn out like this. Like a slo-mo accident.

Oooo, Brody Jenner! He's on Keeping Up With the Kardashians now, hahah. Yes, I watched that too, it was fun. But it's sad he hooked up with that Jen girl... I'm surprised Heidi was all for it and then pretended she had nothing to do with it. But we all know that she's pretty much doing whatever Spencer tells her now. You know, I don't super mind that she gave him a second chance, but he obviously thinks Lauren is going to break them up and is on the offensive. You'd think he would have tried a little harder to get back on her good side instead. Spencer comes off as a seriously manipulative jerk with crazy eyes.

Season 3
Hmm, apparently there was a rumored sex tape with Lauren and her ex, whats his name? And Heidi and Spencer probably started it? I never knew that, I just assumed it was just a general falling out between Spencer and Lauren, not that he acted that maliciously. Though I did Google it, and apparently now he again denies starting the rumors. Who knows..

And what's up with these girls dating idiots? Oh yeah, they're 21... I'm sure I dated my fair share of jerks when I was that young, but I specifically remember never chasing after a guy who wasn't committed. Audrina, you deserve better than Justin Bobby!! These girls are all surprisingly insecure... though I imagine a troubled relationship is key for getting more show time.

Wait a second.. it took me a few episodes, but yes, it appears Heidi has a new nose! I love how it's never mentioned. It looks good, but I think I liked her better before. It is nice to see her stand up to Spencer, though I already know it's not going to last..

Lord help me, this season never seems to end. Whitney (AKA the Likeable One) is doing well, now working for Kelly Cutrone! I remember meeting Kelly at NY Fashion Week, People's Revolution shows always had the best swag bags. Did she and Lauren get this gig because they're on TV? Of course, Kelly knows the type of publicity it's going to bring to her clients. But I have to admit, I do think both of them are hard workers.

Ugh, three more seasons? Ok, this is pretty addictive, even though this show is absolutely about nothing. Hmm, it's not the likeable people or the plot, maybe it's the "can't looking away from accident" syndrome. I'll have to think about it.